Redox announces a reimagined product portfolio to deliver composable healthcare for payers, providers, and digital health builders

April 27, 2023
David Millsaps Senior Director, Brand and Growth Marketing

MADISON, Wis., April 4, 2023 – Redox, the leader in healthcare interoperability – connecting healthcare’s products, providers, and payers, today unveiled its reimagined product portfolio. These new products enable everyone from healthcare product teams, to EHRs, payers and providers to use a composable healthcare digital strategy to grow and adapt in the face of sustained market uncertainty.

In response to the difficult funding environment faced by digital health product organizations and ongoing challenges for health systems including M&A data consolidation, diminished profit margins, staffing shortages, Redox is directly addressing these hurdles for their customer base. Organizations who utilize Redox products are poised to respond with agility and to continue to grow despite these headwinds.

“We are excited to announce a new era for Redox. We’re focused now more than ever on delivering agility to our customers as they navigate market uncertainty.” said Redox CEO Luke Bonney. “With our new product portfolio, we’re able to deliver value with greater scale, speed, and flexibility to better empower our customers to build healthcare experiences they couldn’t previously imagine.”

Redox’s new product portfolio consists of:

Nexus - connect anywhere
Access - fast clinical network membership
Chroma - P
Nova - Power cloud applications with any health data

Redox Nexus

Redox Nexus is Redox’s flagship managed integration platform, reimagined. Redox FHIR and RESTful APIs allow health tech builders to delight their users, modernize their tech stack, and scale with confidence. Digital health companies can translate legacy formats into FHIR with ease, process millions of messages while maintaining data integrity, and expand their reach by connecting to all systems with one powerful API.

Redox Nexus Lite

Redox Nexus Lite is a lightweight, self-service offering, packaging core workflows with a streamlined implementation that creates a consistent, efficient integration process. Redox Nexus Lite is best suited for digital health product teams looking to integrate for the first time and build out a proof of concept, as well as organizations that have a defined workflow and prefer to self-serve within the product’s available functionality.

Redox Access

Access allows product teams to connect with national clinical networks like Carequality and DirectTrust, automating clinical record exchange with thousands of healthcare organizations without the need for business agreements and point-to-point integrations. Access customers can search for patient records, request patient documents, send patient records, and respond to external inquiries as required by clinical networks with a single API.

Chroma EMPI powered by Verato

Redox’s Chroma is an EMPI (Enterprise Master Patient Index) powered by Verato providing a single source of truth for patient identity. Organizations with complex patient databases can link patient identity records within and across multiple disparate data sources for higher quality decision-making, operational efficiency, and an improved patient experience.

Redox Nova

With Redox Nova, health plans, providers, life science, medical device companies, and digital health organizations can transform legacy standards like HL7v2, C-CDA, X12, DICOM, and more into FHIR, leveraging existing provider integrations and libraries. This makes it faster and easier for organizations to utilize cloud-based AI and ML tools, enabling an interoperable, longitudinal record of patient data. Redox can facilitate this data transformation up to 80% faster than other solution providers, reducing time to value to unlock the power of the cloud.

Professional Services

Redox is introducing a range of Professional Services offerings, including technical advising, project coordination, development work and maintenance, and sales enablement solutions. Redox Professional Services provide an additional option for teams that want to leverage Redox expertise, as well as provide a path to work with Redox prior to an active integration project.
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About Redox

Payers, providers, and health tech vendors use Redox to produce differentiated experiences for patients and clinicians. Connecting to more than 4,500 healthcare organizations, Redox provides a composable software experience across the healthcare ecosystem. With our robust APIs, product teams are empowered to build whatever they can imagine. Redox accelerates innovations that make healthcare data more useful than ever before. For more information, visit

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