How Redox, AWS, Cloudwick, and ClearDATA crush silos and re-shape data into data-driven solutions

August 1, 2023
Jessica Bonham-Werling Head of Marketing

There is no shortage of data in healthcare

In the last decade, we have witnessed the near-ubiquitous adoption of EHRs, the proliferation of medical devices, the expansion of genetic testing, and the rise of patient-generated health data.  After all this progress, the healthcare industry now generates 137 terabytes per day and is growing at a rate of 47% annually.

We are short on useful data to transform the industry

With all that data, you might expect healthcare to be leading the charge with innovative solutions that use data for improved decision-making, streamlined operations, and transformative experiences. But, if you have been to the doctor lately, you probably know that it is not that simple.

Providers, payers, pharma, and even health technology organizations are challenged to make their healthcare data transformative because it is deeply sensitive, highly regulated, and lives in silos that are not interoperable. With the promise (and okay, maybe hype) of recent artificial intelligence advancements, healthcare leaders are feeling added pressure to build a technical foundation to make their data increasingly useful. For many organizations, the inherent complexity can be a barrier to even getting started.  To be effective you either need a team of experts or a handful of unicorns, and even then it can take many months.

Redox, AWS, Cloudwick, and ClearDATA are collaborating on a new solution that:

  1. Gets all your healthcare data into one place, in real-time without overhauling your current tech stacks.
  2. Ensures its ongoing security and compliance.
  3. Enables you to actually use your data in nearly any way you can imagine
  4. Faster.
Redox, AWS, Cloudwick, and ClearDATA are collaborating on a new solution

All your healthcare data in one place

Redox has built over 5000 healthcare data integrations and is the foremost expert in translating nearly any legacy healthcare data standard to FHIR®  so that it can be normalized and made useful. Redox is also the leader in transporting data at scale – capable of achieving near real-time data availability. As a part of this joint solution, Redox will integrate with any legacy system or EHR to extract real-time data, translate the data to FHIR, and transport it to a FHIR store within Amazon Healthlake.

Ongoing security and compliance

Redox is HITRUST certified and will ensure the security and compliance of your data during transport, but once in AWS, ClearDATA provides 24/7/365 security monitoring, protection, and compliance with HIPAA and other healthcare standards and frameworks for your critical workloads.

Actually use your data…

With normalized, secure data as your foundation, the sky is virtually the limit on how you can (finally) make use of your data. Amazon provides 154 HITRUST-certified and HIPAA-eligible services (chatbots, artificial intelligence, digital front doors, you name it) at your fingertips.

If you find the 154 services slightly overwhelming, fear not. Cloudwick’s Amorphic can take data from the AWS Healthlake FHIR store and helps you to quickly build analytics, workflows, and new solutions, and/or share the data by stitching together many of the AWS services.


Projects like this would usually take 9+ months to complete, but with this joint solution, you can achieve it in just 60-90 days.

If you’d like to learn more about our joint solution with AWS, Cloudwick, and ClearDATA, you can watch a replay of our recent webinar here.

If you are ready to explore how it can help with your specific needs and use cases, contact us.

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