Redox healthcare integration is live on Google Cloud Marketplace

February 21, 2023
Nichole Wolf Product Marketing Manager

Redox is live on the Google Cloud Marketplace! You can read more on this exciting announcement in our joint press release, as well as check out the Redox Google Cloud Marketplace listing.

As cloud technology continues to evolve, providers, payers, and health tech vendors have greater access to innovation opportunities in the cloud. Google Cloud offers a variety of tools for healthcare and life sciences companies to empower their customers to make healthcare data more useful. With access to an interoperable, longitudinal record of patient data through Google Cloud, organizations can make better real-time decisions in areas like population health, clinical trials and research acceleration, and disease detection and prevention.

So where does Redox factor into the equation?

In order to take advantage of Google Cloud’s clinical data repository and healthcare and life sciences tools, clinical data from EHRs must be ingested in HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®), the modern healthcare interoperability standard. Many healthcare organizations and health plans manage data from multiple EHRs, and could have hundreds of additional data sources that they need to consolidate and transform from legacy standards like HL7v2®, CDA®, X12®, and/or DICOM® into FHIR to enable a truly longitudinal view of their patients and members. 

Redox Healthcare Integration, which is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, powers this data transformation at scale to enable success in the cloud. With our experience successfully facilitating 5,000+ integrations between health tech vendors, EHRs, and health systems, Redox is uniquely positioned to transform legacy standards into Google Cloud FHIR for easy ingestion.

Redox also moves fast—much faster than the status quo for transforming legacy standards into FHIR. 

“When we first collaborated with Redox and saw how fast we could help a healthcare organization enable data interoperability, we had an “aha” moment,” said Chris Sakalosky, vice president, Healthcare and Life Sciences at Google Cloud. “With this partnership, we continue to help organizations across the healthcare spectrum tackle the most complex data harmonization challenges unlocking insights, to improve access and outcomes. Better data interoperability in healthcare will save lives.” 

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