January 2023 product and event update

January 30, 2023
Nichole Wolf Product Marketing Manager

Happy January! We’re excited to jump into 2023 and continue sharing Redox product updates, new development on the horizon, and virtual & in-person events all about interoperability and composability in healthcare.

Recent Releases

New and Improved FHIR API Resources

Earlier this month we shared improvements to our developer documentation, including a new UX for our FHIR API reference, as well as an updated quickstart guide for faster onboarding and implementation.

You can now also find all available FHIR notifications, including how to structure specific messages, alongside schema-level details for each FHIR resource we support.

We’d love to hear your feedback as our documentation continues to evolve – either drop us a note at the bottom of each docs page, or get in touch with a Redoxer to share your thoughts.

Coming Soon

Customizable Alerting and Reporting

Last month we shared the release of alerts history within the Redox dashboard, allowing users to keep track of existing triggered or resolved alerts in one convenient place.

Our Product team is continuing to iterate on alerting and reporting for greater customization and flexibility – make sure you’re subscribed to our Changelog for the latest updates.

Logs and Search Improvements

Redox logs communicate status, attempts, and error context for data payloads, effectively showing the data exchanged with integrations via Redox. This quarter, we’ll continue to make improvements to our logs, including better and faster searchability, as well as explore additional use cases for increased flexibility and access for our customers.

Upcoming Events

Keep an eye on upcoming events, and view our past events + video resources in the meantime. More to come as we continue into 2023!

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