Eradicate EHR-vendor variance.

The Redox Data Château is a sophisticated data warehouse solution designed to solve the problem of vendor variance and power truly consistent healthcare integration workflows.

The Redox Data Château powers previously impossible integration use cases by securely storing healthcare data so that it can be interacted with via APIs. This model ensures integration workflow consistency across partner sites, regardless of source systems. 

With the Redox Data Château, healthcare organizations can limit the data they share with partners to exactly what is required, and technology vendors are able to dramatically simplify their development requirements.


Consistent integration anywhere. 

redox normalizer

Normalize Workflows

The reality is, without a solution like Data Château, your organization is at the mercy of EHRs and the functionality they provide. Data Château eliminates these concerns and makes possible a true "build once, go anywhere" integration strategy.

Address Event-based Limitations

While some workflows can be fulfilled by the subscribe and receive method, others would function better through specific queries issued at critical moments or large-batch pulls. Data Château allows your preferences to dictate workflows, not system capabilities.

Ask Smart Questions

Data is a good thing, but too much data can be catastrophic. With Data Château, you can target specific pieces of information and leave out the rest. Limit PHI exposure by only sharing what is absolutely needed and only receive what you require.

Your preferred integration workflow, available anywhere.

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For too long, integration workflows have been at the mercy of EHRs and other legacy systems. Instead of implementing optimal workflows for patients and providers, compromises are made to accommodate source system limitations. With the Redox Data Château, you can design your integration around your users, not software systems. 

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