Ambient Clinical Analytics: Solving sepsis and delivering innovative bedside analytics

Ambient Clinical Analytics software provides clinical decision support and alerting tools for hospitals and health systems to reduce overall health care costs, improve patient outcomes and save lives.
Sepsis DART™ guides care teams through the sepsis process of care. With our library of configurable sepsis alert algorithms and communication platform, DART™ automates early detection of potential sepsis conditions while providing smart notifications to drive critical treatment timeliness and eliminate errors.

AWARE™ uses Mayo Clinic licensed technologies including over 1,200 rules and algorithms to give providers real-time point-of-care and remote visualization of patients’ wholistic condition, including early-warnings for issues like patient decompensation, heart failure, and sepsis.

Ambient Clinical Analytics has achieved FDA Class II Clearance, CE Marking Registration, and ISO 13485:2016 Certification.

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