Mahmee: Coordinated, quality care, pregnancy through infancy.

Maternal health involves a variety specialists including obstetricians, pediatricians, doulas, lactation consultants, nutritionists, therapists, and others. Today, mom and baby are connected but their providers are siloed by outdated care management technology. Mahmee connects the dots between patients, practitioners, and data.

Our beautiful patient-facing dashboard allows for easy appointment and class booking, private messaging with experts, and personalized daily content for every stage of pregnancy and new motherhood. Our proprietary SaaS solution for practitioners provides actionable insights using practitioner- and patient-generated data and PHI, creating vast opportunities for personalized care and cross-practice collaboration. Mahmee unites health professionals and expands their referral networks. As a result, patients receive comprehensive ongoing support, which has been shown to increase breastfeeding rates and positive outcomes, and reduce readmissions.

Mahmee founders and advisors include enterprise technology specialists, and award-winning physicians, nurses, and administrators. Investors include 500 Startups, Pipeline Angels, Backstage Capital, and private angels.

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