Orb Health: Integrated Medical Devices

Orb Health’s Collaborative Virtual Care™ solution enables practices to seamlessly provide coordinated, patient-centric CCM as an extension of the practice without requiring additional staff, infrastructure, or office space. Remote clinical care specialists not only provide the required non-face-to-face time to be eligible for reimbursements, but also coordinate care across a wide service spectrum.

Orb’s infrastructure synchronizes with existing EHR/EMR system, so all interactions are placed in the centralized “patient record of truth” that is the practice’s EHR/EMR. There are no new interfaces or portals to learn and existing portals, billing, compliance systems, etc. are all instantly compatible without any changes.

All stakeholders in the patient’s outcome are informed and act as a cohesive unit working on behalf of the patient’s specific health needs. The result is a holistic approach that drives significantly improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Collaborative Virtual Care coordination has been shown to be highly effective. A review of several studies showed care coordination in general resulted in:

  • 25% reduction in hospitalizations
  • 54% reduction in ER visits
  • 36% reduction in readmissions
  • 64% avoided one or more duplicate tests in a year
  • 65% said they felt more engaged in their healthcare experience
  • 84% said it helped them remember important follow-up items they had forgotten after an appointment
  • 49% reported finding a medical error and 33% of those errors were significant enough to potentially cause an adverse effect
  • 9% avoided serious drug interactions

Orb Health’s industry-leading Collaborative Virtual Care provides the fastest path to an effective and scalable program that delivers profitable Chronic Care Management and more to your existing patient base.

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