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Signal to noise

Signal to noise Remote patient monitoring in 2024 One…

3 FHIR myths that hold innovators back

FHIR-first is the new trend, but it’s not perfect. Learn how to overcome misconceptions and ensure interoperability.

To build or to buy an EMPI?

To build or to buy an EMPI? What to…

Redox unwraps interoperability in 2024

I called 2021 weird, then 2022 just as weird, but 2023? Decidedly weirder. This year I have Alex Peitz and Garrett Rhodes with me again to help me reflect on what we got right and wrong last year, and what we should be prepared for next in 2024.

The healthcare executive’s guide to AI

Get the baseline knowledge you need to make smart AI decisions for your healthcare organization. Learn about the unique capabilities and clinical use cases for machine learning, GenAI, and NLP, as well as the latest developments in AI regulation, reimbursement, and adoption success.

Real-world FHIR mapping use cases from HL7® FHIR® DevDays

2023 HL7® FHIR® DevDays in Amsterdam stood out in a few ways, and in case you weren’t able to make it to the event, here’s your chance to digest the newly uploaded session recordings.

20 years of Medicare Advantage with MA author Tom Scully…

The American Prospect described Tom Scully “as responsible as anyone for the way healthcare in America works today.”…

[Recap] Deliver a future-proof AI strategy with a FHIR data…

Recent surveys revealed that 95% of health system executives believe cloud capabilities like AI and machine learning are…

Role based access control is launching

Tomorrow, December 14, 2023 at noon Central Time, Redox is launching role based access control.   Starting tomorrow you…


Read insights and ideas about the future of healthcare data integration.

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Read insights and ideas about the future of healthcare data integration.

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