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Health data integration is critical to your product but it is expensive to do on your own and takes valuable engineering resources away from core product development. Let Redox help you scale with our interoperability infrastructure and network of 600+ integration-ready provider organizations.

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The Problem

Exchanging health data with a wide range of systems used to document and deliver care requires product flexibility to accommodate disparate data formats, value mappings, and exchange protocols.

The Solution

Redox standardizes healthcare data from any source and provides a single, easy to use API for exchanging healthcare data with any partner making scalable healthcare integration possible.

FDB Health

“Document writeback is not only a nice-to-have but a must-have. Redox’s API is filling an important technical gap to ensure Meducation has the maximum scalability to meet customer needs.”

Ben Wilson, lead engineer for FDB’s Meducation app.

Your Healthcare Data Foundation Built for Scale

Get your data how you want it when you want it while enjoying best-in-class security.
We make possible the distribution of workflow-optimized care coordination solutions.

Standardized Data Format

Use a standardized data format with normalized values across all of your healthcare data partners.

Consistent Availability

Acquire data on-demand or as events occur the same way across your entire customer base.

Best-in-Class Security

Keep patient data secure with HITRUST certified and HIPAA/SOC2 compliant infrastructure.

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Streamline Processes and Improve Patient Engagement with Smart Chatbots

See how Redox powers LifeLink’s integrations

“We ended up with so much volume with our first ED customer, the way they interacted with us wasn’t sustainable. We wanted to switch to a VPN, but they struggled with that. We realized this was our chance to move over to Redox integration. We decided to move all our customers over to Redox to gain other advantages as well.”
Jacob Heitler, VP of Product, LifeLink

Execute Meaningful Workflow Integrations

Send and receive core data elements with any Primary Care System of Record, Healthcare Network or Enterprise Support Software to make your patient engagement solution stand out from the pack.

Integrated Orders

Allow providers to enroll patients in a program or start a referral directly within their EHR.

Document Delivery

Send readings, summaries, and other data to any healthcare system in real-time.

Patient Enrollment

Automatically receive patient demographic information for program enrollment and long-term synchronization with partners.

Medical History Retrieval

Acquire up to date overview of the patient to provide valuable context, reduce double documentation, and ensure caregivers are aligned.

How It Works

Connect to Redox

Health data exchange powered by Redox is powered by a single API. Acquire your API Keys, establish an endpoint to receive data, and configure your application to receive and send data following our data model specifications.

Establish Connections

Health data exchange relies on proof of authorization. You work with us to confirm a data-sharing relationship has been authorized and we get the data flowing as designed.

Monitor Subscriptions

All data exchanged using Redox is monitored 24/7 with best in class alerting tools. Use your Redox Dashboard to review messages and troubleshoot errors.

Monitor Subscriptions

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