Telehealth & Telemedicine EHR Integration

Telehealth brings patients and providers together,
Redox is the connection.

How do you connect fast?

You start by getting our guide to rapid deployment. Telehealth and telemedicine products who follow our approach complete integrations in days. In this guide we show the exact steps for completing integrations faster.

In this guide you will learn to:

  • The exact workflows that providers prefer for you to use first
  • How to get to provider value and launch your product faster
  • Add value and strengthen your relationship after launch
Learn the secrets to fast, painless integrations

EHR Integrations to Connect Telehealth & Telemedicine Software with Healthcare Providers

Redox connects Telehealth applications with health system EHRs. Redox’s network provides existing connections with 1900+ Provider Organizations and the fastest connection option for new ones. Developers can use consistent application architecture and a single connection to the Redox API for every customer and every workflow including scheduling, medical record access, and order initiation.

Telehealth companies using Redox

Beam Telemedicine
Cloud DX

Connect to Redox Network for hundreds of telehealth ready providers

Connect with more provider customers with our integration network

Hundreds of provider organizations are connected to Redox, ready for integration. If your customer isn’t already using Redox, our experience and relationships make the process smooth.

Speed your growth with the fastest connections in healthcare

Redox integrations are completed in just a few weeks, while traditional integrations can take months.

We handle the connections, security and the translation- you get a single standardized two-way connection to all providers.

Redox EHR Integration Network

SOC 2 compliant through your whole messaging infrastructure

In healthcare privacy is essential. Redox’s connections protect sensitive data with HIPAA compliance and SOC 2® compliant infrastructure.

Redox’s security-first culture >

“Cloud DX knew that to attempt an integration of remotely gathered vital signs into the Epic patient record, on such a tight timeline, would require the assistance of a team with deep knowledge of Epic and EMR integration in general. We reached out to Redox and have been nothing less than deeply impressed with the speed, professionalism, and talent of the team.”

Robert Kaul, CEO, Cloud DX

Resources for Telehealth

WhitepapersTelehealth Integration Primer

Download this overview guide to learn how most Telehealth solutions leverage the Redox Platform to access and exchange…

Grow your telehealth product with the fastest integrations in healthcare.