July 2022 product and event update

July 6, 2022
Nichole Wolf Product Marketing Manager

This summer, the Redox team has been busy shipping a number of improvements designed to improve the experience of our users. Below is our July recap of what’s new, noteworthy, and on the roadmap. We’ve also included a recap of recent events, like our webinar sharing proprietary research from HIMSS, as well as ways to engage with the Redox team. Thanks for reading!

Recent Releases

New Documentation Site

Explore our new documentation hub at docs.redoxengine.com and read more about the update at our Changelog.

Expanded X12 to FHIR Capabilities

We’ve continued to expand our support for healthcare product teams looking to exchange data with payers. Our X12 Translation offering is a solution for organizations attempting to connect to clearinghouses, payers, and healthcare organizations that exchange data using the EDI X12 standard and legacy solutions.

Our X12 translations offer the seamless exchange to FHIR for many workflows including claim adjudication, request eligibility check, request for prior authorization, and check claim status.

Roles & Permissions

Organization Owners within the dashboard can now assign roles to their users from a drop-down list of Developer, Executive, Implementation, Product, Sales, or Support.

Deletion of Data Sources

Redox customers can now delete API Endpoints, Keys, Data Flows, and Configurations within the dashboard to create a clean organized view.

SSO for User Management

You can now use an external user management software like Okta, Azure, etc. to manage your Redox access.

Request a Connection

Instead of contacting a Redox representative, you can now request new connections and generate a Project Request Form (PRF) directly from your dashboard in a matter of seconds.

What’s Coming

Keep an eye out for blog posts announcing the release of these new features! You can subscribe to our Changelog for product announcements + updates.

Log Attempts + Debugging

You’ll be able to see details of all attempts for a given log entry, including how many attempts were made, the timestamps and status for each, and the payload information.

Alerting V.1

You can set up customizable alerts for each of your connections to proactively manage errors or outages.

Redox Provider Portal

Healthcare organizations will be able to manage their own presence in Redox; they’ll have a separate dashboard with the ability to track connection progress.

API Actions

See all available API actions within the Redox dashboard, without the need for a scoping call.

New + Noteworthy

CDA to FHIR Conversions

The Redox FHIR API offers a single, consistent implementation of FHIR, allowing you to code once and integrate anywhere with one normalized FHIR API – even to organizations that are not yet using FHIR. Standardize HL7v2, custom EHR APIs, CDA documents, and more.

Learn more + get started here.

Connect to Carequality

Redox is a certified Carequality implementer. With Redox as your implementation partner, you can start exchanging data across the Framework in a matter of days, rather than months.

Learn more here.


Translating DICOM metadata to and from FHIR makes that data useful by giving developers a more modern, normalized API. Expected availability Q4 2022.

Upcoming Events

Tim and George talk specialty labs integrations

[Webinar] Redox Recommendations: Interoperability best practices for speciality lab integrations

Tim Kessler, Senior Solutions Architect at Redox will guide you through macro trends, interoperability considerations, and an integration workflow deep dive. Reserve your seat

Events Recap

[Webinar] Digital health after the fall: Integrating technology and clinical protocol

Jeff Englander and Dr. Joseph Kvedar discuss how tech adoption is changing in healthcare. Watch the replay

[Webinar] Crossroads: Divergent views meet to probe new HIMSS virtual care research

Uncover our HIMSS insights plus key field reactions from three experts. Watch the replay

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