In review: Specialty lab integration best practices

July 22, 2022
David Millsaps Senior Director, Brand and Growth Marketing


With specialty lab integration, we’re seeing trends of specific types of data exchange workflows that are becoming more in-demand. Redox is demystifying how that workflow is executed in the real world. 

Subject Matter Experts:

This event features 2 Redox OGs: Tim (Redox hire #15) and George (Redox hire #7) draw from their years of expertise in the EHR and integration space to share best practices for lab integration as specific workflows become more common.

Tim Kessler, Redox Senior Solutions Architect on the strategic Partnerships team, formerly in implementations at EPIC

George McLaughlin, Director of Solutions Marketing at Redox

3 Key Points:

• Why specialty labs (1:45)

Here we define specialty labs and some of the trends happening with healthcare labs since we’re seeing as a result of the innovation happening in healthcare.

• Value of integration (6:39)

  1. Optimizing the Ordering Process
  2. Accelerate Testing the Result Delivery
  3. Support Interpretation
  4. Support the Claims Process

• Best practices for lab integration (10:28)

The meat and potatoes. Enjoy the replay 🙂

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Who we are: 

Redox is a healthcare integration platform and service provider that works with digitals health products to help them access and deliver the data they need with all their customers ranging from large academic medical centers, small practices and anything in between.

Redox is the industry-leading EHR integration and healthcare interoperability company, and we work with a variety of healthcare-centered and healthcare-related organizations to improve their data exchange endeavors. As a result, we can speak to what’s happening in the healthcare market from a perspective that no-one else has because we get to see the shakes and changes in real-time. 

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