In full view: Healthcare sectors’ unique economics and regulatory drivers

July 27, 2022
David Millsaps Director Brand Marketing

Most things have a cyclical nature but it can be hard to see those cycles with our own limited perspective. And then there’s healthcare, cycles-on-top-of-cycles, a confluence of complexity that can feel like a storm.

It might be stormy, but it isn’t beyond navigation. Jeff Englander is back with a new product commercialization talk on Healthcare’s sectors: Understanding the unique economic and regulatory drivers. This time Jeff is breaking down the larger industry into its sectors based on the cycles that impact how those sectors buy products and services.

Thursday July 28th at 2 pm ET / 11a PT

Jeff will cover 4 key areas:

Jeff is an expert’s expert in healthcare, and his wealth of information is hard to find in one place.

Watch this event and bring your questions.

Who we are:

Redox is a healthcare integration platform and service provider that works with digitals health products to help them access and deliver the data they need with all their customers ranging from large academic medical centers, small practices and anything in between.

Redox is the industry-leading EHR integration and healthcare interoperability company, and we work with a variety of healthcare-centered and healthcare-related organizations to improve their data exchange endeavors. As a result, we can speak to what’s happening in the healthcare market from a perspective that no-one else has because we get to see the shakes and changes in real-time.

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