Redox newsletter for November

November 23, 2022
David Millsaps Senior Director, Brand and Growth Marketing


Fanning the flames (with FHIR)

Everybody wants to talk about FHIR, but nobody wants to make it digestible. Until now. Redox Solutions Marketing Manager Jessica Bonham-Werling just created the ultimate guide to FHIR that has just been called “one of the most impact pieces of content about FHIR.” All in under 20 pages. This guide comes after the Fanning the Flames event on November where Nick McKenzie, Garrett Rhodes, and Elizabeth Ojo clarified FHIR’s history, where FHIR’s going, and how to get there (faster). Did you miss the live viewing? Don’t worry, we got you on the replay.


Redox Recs: DICOM to FHIR considerations & impact

Redox Product Manager of Emerging Markets, Garrett Rhodes will answer: What is the impact of DICOM images within healthcare industry macro trends? What digital health builders need to understand about DICOM? What is the opportunity of DICOM metadata within healthcare industry macro trends? What Ways can you bring the value of DICOM to your customers fast? Register for the event.


Redox review and updates

Consolidated API Authentication: With the launch of consolidated authentication, every Redox customer can use the same connectivity and authentication to connect to Redox regardless of which API they use (Redox JSON Data Models or Redox FHIR). This removes the existing complexity of different connectivity and authentication experiences between Redox’s JSON Data Model API and Redox FHIR API. It also clears the way for FHIR connectivity as part of the core onboarding experience for any customers using Redox FHIR. Read more.

Building the Redox Product with DEI in mind

Redox cofounder and president, Niko Skievaski, has a few thoughts on how inclusion can be further rooted into our company: At Redox, building a culture of belonging is one of our core values. As a team, we talk about it frequently and adjust our policies and practices to build an environment where every Redoxer can thrive. We also think about how we can extend this practice to our products. Read more.

Digital health is ready for its second act. Will it deliver on its promise to empower patients and providers?

While the healthcare industry was implementing EHRs that would become their core database, consumers underwent a fundamental cultural shift in the role technology plays in our daily lives. In the past 10 years we’ve seen countless new technologies disrupt how we consume content, communicate with the world around us, and share data. In an on-demand world, we now see technology as an ever-present tool to make our lives easier and more efficient. Why wouldn’t we expect technology to be used in the same way to manage our healthcare? Read more.


Redox and Smile Digital Health Partner

Redox moves payers and providers past legacy protocols to build longitudinal views of their members with the Smile Digital Health platform. Redox’s HITRUST and SOC II compliant platform unlocks bi-directional, real-time data exchange from payer source systems, 90+ compatible electronic health record systems (EHRs), and numerous other sources including digital health vendors, clearinghouses, health information exchanges (HIEs), and more. Read more.

Redox and IMO Partner

Redox will leverage IMO’s technology to standardize healthcare data for its customers. Using IMO Precision Normalize will allow Redox to accelerate data normalization for its hospital and software vendor clients. This lets healthcare technology companies spend more time building powerful solutions by eliminating the lengthy and costly process of cleaning and standardizing messy clinical data. Read more.

API Actions, composable healthcare, & Canada

We announced the launch of its API Actions, a new modular way for healthcare companies to build out their ideal workflows. Further, Redox is growing into Canada. With Redox, providers, payer, digital health companies, and other adjacent healthcare entities can now create composable healthcare experiences for patients and physicians, whether in Montreal, Quebec or Montreal, Wisconsin. Read more.


Redox is hiring

Research shows that while men apply to jobs when they meet an average of 60% of the criteria, women and other marginalized folks tend to only apply when they check every box. So if you think you have what it takes, but don’t necessarily meet every single point on one of our job openings, please still apply. We’d love to consider your application and see if you could be a great fit.

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