May 2023 product and event update

May 30, 2023
Nichole Wolf Product Marketing Manager

Product updates

As part of last month’s new product portfolio announcement we shared a preview of Redox Chroma, our EMPI solution powered by Verato. Chroma is now live, and we recently hosted a virtual event with Verato’s VP of Health Tech & Channel Sales to share more on Redox’s exciting partnership with Verato (the replay is linked below!)

Redox Chroma provides a single source of truth for accurate patient identification. Redox customers can maximize the value of their existing Redox API by knowing who is who with confidence – Verato’s native referential matching is independently verified and market-leading with 98% accuracy.

How Redox Chroma EMPI powered by Verato works

Learn more about Redox Chroma, and get in touch with Redox for questions or to get started!

Event recap

How to achieve the golden patient record with new patient identity tools from Redox and Verato virtual event

[Webinar] How to achieve the golden patient record with new patient identify tools from Redox and Verato

As the influx of data flowing through healthcare systems continues to increase, so does the complexity of patient identity records. Simply knowing who is who is more challenging than ever.  In fact, 30% of patient data is out-of-date, incorrect, or incomplete and 24% of a health system’s patient records are duplicates.

The answer is the use of an EMPI (Enterprise Master Patient Index) to create the golden patient record: one consistent record across every system.

Watch to learn:

  • Why clean patient records are critical for Cloud applications and AI
  • How cross-EHR operations depend on record consistency 
  • How to achieve the golden patient record for improved patient engagement, clinical decision-making, and value-based care

Watch now

How cloud and AI are transforming healthcare webinar event


How to use virtual nursing to improve care and reduce clinician burnout

While health systems have widely adopted virtual care, the true benefits for clinical staff and patients lie in how these technologies are used operationally. In this informative session, Jeff Englander speaks with industry expert Gemma Lowery to hear her insights and strategies.

In this conversation, you will learn how virtual care can:

  1. Increase patient access to care, reaching those in remote or underserved areas.
  2. Deliver cost-effective care through technology, benefiting both patients and healthcare systems.
  3. Enhance care coordination and collaboration among healthcare professionals.
  4. Reduce clinician burnout by streamlining processes and addressing workload challenges.

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