The Road To Going Live

The path to getting your healthcare application integrated has never been more clear. Learn how Redox puts your organization in the fast lane.
This e-book outlines everything you need to know about executing an integration project with Redox. We detail our approach, process, and what a long-term relationship with Redox means for your organization.
Inside you will find:
  • Sample Project Plan
  • Required Project Personnel
  • Detailed Project Timeline with Deliverables

The Bottleneck Problem

Healthcare has a notoriously long sales and implementation cycle for new technology.  Healthcare systems have a huge amount of responsibility to the patients they serve and many have adopted a stringent process to assess solutions that has had the unintended consequence of creating a bottleneck.
In this guide, we’ll cover why that is, how it came to be, and what you can do to be more efficient with getting the digital health solutions users want in their hands.

Working With EHR Vendors

No two EHRs are the same, even when they’re sold from the same vendor. This system variance can make it difficult to forecast integration projects accurately— unless you understand the nuances of each system.
In this guide, we’ll cover the basic differences among the most common EHR vendors and explain how they can impact integrations and project timelines.

Redox on FHIR

Learn how FHIR came to be, what it means for healthcare data exchange, and why we’re offering our own implementation to organizations powered by Redox in this free guide.


EHR Integration: to Build or to Buy

This e-book outlines the questions you should ask yourself and how to prepare for integration—whether you build or buy. We look at the immediate and long-term effects of your decision in an effort to help you effectively weigh the pros and cons of each approach.
Inside you will find:
  • Industry Knowledge Requirements
  • Technical Skill Overview
  • Business Considerations

Selling to Health Systems

Let's face it. Selling to health systems is one of the most difficult things on the planet. It's up there with playing competitive soccer for 90 minutes and we all know how exhausting that sounds. Let us break down what we've seen work after partnering with hundreds of different vendors.
Over the last few years we've witnessed first hand the difficulties organizations face getting their product live at health systems. We've learned a few things from those who were succesful and we want to share that knowledge with you. Check out this guide for some hard learned lessons that just might help you avoid a never ending sales cycle.
What's inside:
  • Understanding Health System's POV
  • How to Frame a Project
  • Tips to Pitching Integration

EHR Integration Doesn't Need to be Scary

Our goal has always been to expedite the adoption of innovative healthcare technologies. After working with hundreds of digital health applications and taking them live at health systems across the country, we’ve developed some best practices that make integration easier and faster. This guide shares what we’ve learned and outlines the process from beginning to end, Redox or otherwise.
What's inside:
  • Healthcare Integration 101
  • Tips on Selling & Working with Health Systems
  • How Redox Could Help