In review: Healthcare sectors’ unique economics and regulatory drivers

July 29, 2022
David Millsaps Senior Director, Brand and Growth Marketing


The healthcare industry is dealing with a lot of uncertainty. Many have concerns about how the current economy will impact them and their customers. However, one thing is certain, healthcare is not a monolith. Different healthcare sectors will be affected differently by any large-scale changes. Redox wants to bring some clarity to these murky waters, so we’ve brought back Jeff Englander for a deep dive into the parameters that will meet distinct areas of the healthcare market.

Subject Matter Expert:

Jeff Englander is an expert’s expert in the healthcare space. Jeff is the founder and principal of Healthcare Strategy Bullpen (HSB) and has over 15 years of experience in healthcare strategy, market positioning, industry disruption, and innovation at a number of Fortune 100 firms. Given his various roles and exposure to the multiple facets of the healthcare ecosystem including work with providers, suppliers, employers, and investors, he brings unique perspectives and insights to the forces impacting and disrupting the healthcare delivery market. Healthcare Strategy Bullpen is a digital healthcare consulting firm empowering the use of health tech tools to deliver more efficient, higher quality care.

Some Key Segments Addressed:

• Health Care Facilities

• Managed Health Care

• Healthare Technology

• Biotech

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Redox is a healthcare integration platform and service provider that works with digital health products to help them access and deliver the data they need with all their customers ranging from large academic medical centers, small practices and anything in between.

Redox is the industry-leading EHR integration and healthcare interoperability company, and we work with a variety of healthcare-centered and healthcare-related organizations to improve their data exchange endeavors. As a result, we can speak to what’s happening in the healthcare market from a perspective that no-one else has because we get to see the shakes and changes in real-time. 

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