September 2022 product and event update

September 27, 2022
Nichole Wolf Product Marketing Manager

Fall is upon us! Here at Redox, we have an autumn season packed with new product releases and events, including our first in-person Redox customer conference since 2019! We hope you’ll join us in Philadelphia October 18th for Connect, the only industry event focused on bringing leaders in product, IT, administration, and clinical service to learn and exchange ideas on how data feeds innovation in an evolving marketplace.

Recent Releases

Debug Mode within Redox Logs

This release provides customers with the power to debug log attempts within the Redox dashboard to aid in technical troubleshooting and testing. This enhancement to the Logs page allows customers to see all log attempts for asynchronous traffic that have been retried.

This enhanced visibility will increase the speed at which you’re able to create successful connections, or resolve problems with an existing connection.

Read more in our Changelog here.

CDA to FHIR Translation

CDA to FHIR Translation removes the complex, varied workflows required for developers to translate each CDA Data model into a FHIR Resource. With this new translation capability, all incoming CDA documents are standardized into consistent FHIR resources, allowing developers to bolster their analytics on the data.

Learn more in our documentation here.

What’s Coming

Keep an eye out for blog posts announcing the release of these new features! You can subscribe to our Changelog for product announcements + updates.

Canada Support

Last month, we shared that Redox is officially expanding into Canada with long-term Canadian PHI storage. Use cases include translating a legacy standard into FHIR, or taking advantage of our reusable network to connect two parties with a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) into the Redox network (as well as to each other).

Over the coming months, we’ll continue to expand our Canada operations and unveil more products and capabilities. In the meantime, if you’re interested in participating in our beta offering, please contact your Redox representative for more details.

Redox Provider Portal

Healthcare organizations will be able to manage their own presence in Redox; they’ll have access to a dedicated dashboard with the ability to track connection progress, providing greater visibility + project synergy.

In addition, we’ll release VPN configuration into the healthcare organization onboarding process. Redox will assist in deploying + testing VPN configuration so that healthcare organizations can connect to other nodes in the Redox network.

If you have a health system partner that might be interested in testing these tools, please get in touch with your Redox team.

FHIR Auto Connect + Deploy

Organizations will soon be able to connect FHIR data seamlessly and efficiently. Test your connection in the product, update settings, and track your progress, all within the Redox dashboard.

Upcoming Events

[Event] Redox 2022 Connect Customer Conference

Join us in Philadelphia on October 18th for a celebration of healthcare innovation. This full day of insights, connection, and inspiring experiences will offer session tracks for product leaders, developers and architects, and implementation managers. Reach out to your Redox representative for a special discount code. Learn more + register here!

[Virtual Event] Build the future: Redox fall update ’22

You came to healthcare to make change. See how Redox is helping you with brand new tools. Watch our special Fall update October 5th at 2 pm ET. Save your seat.

Integration Avenues: How to pick a route that's best for you webinar

[Webinar] Integration Avenues: how to pick a route that’s best for you

During the event, our experts will explain the pro’s and con’s of a variety of integration approaches, noting how these map back to specific virtual care solution types and target markets. Save your seat.

Events Recap

Mental Illness on Fire with Thomas Insel

[Webinar] Mental Illness on Fire

In conversation with psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and health tech entrepreneur Thomas Incel, learn more about digital tech’s role in mental recovery + three challenges that mental health tech builders should tackle now. Watch the replay.

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