Q4 2020 product updates: Preparing for the future

December 1, 2020
Paige Goodhew Program Manager Product Marketing

The future of healthcare integration is much more than getting data from point A to point B. Scalable integration strategies make it easy to expand into new markets, simplify data management, and prepare you for what’s next. A lot has changed in digital health this year and the only known is that there are more changes to come.

We work with hundreds of digital health products and thousands of healthcare organizations to understand the data integration needs and challenges that they’re facing.

expand: COVID test reporting

What is it?

Redox now supports Electronic Lab Reporting (ELR) across most of the United States to assist with lab result reporting needs, such as COVID testing. Leverage our implementation playbook, two-week onboarding process, and reusable connections and integrate with state public health agencies in less than a week.

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simplify: Record Locator service in beta

What is it?

Streamline patient identity management and reduce development efforts by using a single, REST-based API to manage patient identifiers for your product and across healthcare organizations.

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prepare: future-proofed fhir integrations

What is it?

We’ve been working on a FHIR-conformant API designed to allow us to support your integration needs with a modern development experience, even if the systems on the other end aren’t so modern. Sign up to access our Developer Preview and share your feedback.

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more: improved transparency

What is it?

We have a team of engineers dedicated to increasing transparency when you use Redox.

View Uploaded Files: View and troubleshoot files uploaded to the blob from within your Redox dashboard.

Subscription Visualization: Use the new Subscription Details page to gather information about a specific subscription.

Redox Labs: Check out the new things our team is working on and share your feedback on early designs and wireframes.

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