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PRO Collection Made Easy & Enjoyable

How integrating CODE Technology improved PRO efficiency and elevated patient care at ORA Orthopedics

It probably would have taken us twice as long and cost twice as much to have built this without Redox's help. Working with Redox is f***king awesome.

Breanne Cunningham, CEO

Project Snapshot


CODE Technology increases patient reported outcome success by cutting patient enrollment time by 50%.


From initial connectivity all the way to going live, CODE Technology integrated with ORA Orthopedics in 42 days.


CODE Technology uses the Media, PatientAdmin, and Surgical Scheduling data models to access health system data feeds.


CODE Technology partnered with Redox to integrate with GE Centricity, the EHR in use at ORA Orthopedics.


Redox is HITRUST certified and HIPAA compliant via AWS hosting. This ensures that patient data is secure at every stage of transmission.


Integrating CODE Technology ensures seamless workflows for clinicians while resulting in a 90% data capture rate.

CODE Technology  | ORA Orthopedics Success Story

CODE Technology specializes in collecting Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs), data that enables health systems to quantify their value by collecting nuanced insight into how patients are doing before surgery and at various intervals post-operatively. Providers can use this data for benchmarking, contract negotiation, marketing, and perhaps most valuably, more robust and accurate patient research.

ORA Orthopedics, the Quad City area’s largest orthopedic provider, had been collecting PROs in clinic for years, but found performing it themselves to be time-consuming and expensive—not only did it take time to train staff, but they were required to manually enter data on a continual basis.

Additionally, their traditional program yielded low patient participation and needed at least one year of data to be fully operational. While marginally beneficial, it was clear their existing PRO program was not sustainable.

Bringing Code to ORA

With the desire of building a more valuable and sustainable PRO program, ORA partnered with CODE Technology in December 2015 to collect outcomes on their behalf. CODE worked with ORA to customize their PRO module to incorporate not only functional PRO tools, but also track global health, patient experience, and complications and readmissions.

Within 30 days of signing with CODE, ORA was enrolling patients and collecting outcomes. While most patients complete their assessments online with CODE’s app, CODE maximizes enrollment by calling and administering phone surveys when needed. Outsourcing the PRO process to CODE resulted in a 90% capture rate and ensured data integrity to deliver weekly reports for clinicians to use and interpret as needed, all without disrupting the workflow of ORA’s staff.

Integrating Code with Redox

After fine tuning the PRO collection process with ORA, CODE wanted to go a step further and seamlessly integrate their app with the electronic health record (EHR) used at ORA, GE Centricity. Integrating their product would massively improve the application’s efficiency, reduce the potential for human error, and eliminate both manual data entry and double documentation. Redox was brought in as CODE’s integration partner to handle the technical work required to securely interoperate with GE Centricity and completed the project in 42 days, enabling CODE to update the EHR in near real-time and cut patient enrollment time by 50%. Most importantly, integrating CODE’s app allowed ORA to collect more granular patient data on surgery, recovery, and post-operative care that was previously difficult to obtain.

Beyond ORA

Moving forward, CODE and Redox have two projects planned to integrate and deliver a PRO solution with measurable ROI.

With Redox on board as an integration partner, CODE can bring their application to market as one that not only captures the nuanced journey of patient surgery and recovery, but that seamlessly integrates with any EHR to deliver powerful patient data while augmenting the performance of physicians and staff.

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"The biggest reasons we switched to Redox from Mirth was the ongoing costs of customizing messages for each client. We had to invest in a lot of specailized knowledge and dedicated developers just to handle Mirth. We already do REST APIs so switching to Redox was a win-win."

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"For us to connect to an Epic helath system so quickly was amazing. Being able to focus on our product during that time and not worry about handling the integration was crucial to this project’s success."

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